Vanishing Austin_Custard v Condo by Jann Alexander

Custard v Condo by Jann Alexander ©2013

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  1. Yes, Sandy’s has the 1960s flavor of a place teens went in exile to the then outskirts of town to find themselves and their identities away from their families. It was a place in which to grow up and to solve teenage problems. While highrises engulf it, I wonder where do teens go today. The outskirts of town, the new frontier in which to establish oneself, is further out and too far to go and be safe. Perhaps, today teens retreat to cyberspace, a safe place with arms length emotions that can be turned on or off, shared or not shared, with a click. It’s not face-to-face, risking adulthood. It’s safe-to-safe, keeping emotions immature and never tasting the sweetness of frozen custard and the tartness of root beer with peers so close you could kiss or laugh, or cry.


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