The Next Best Thing To Time Travel

If only I could rev up my Time Machine for my historical fiction research. Instead, I made a few workarounds.

How Creative Thinking Improves Quality of Life

Life's difficult issues are often the smallest, yet the most exasperating. Solutions to improve quality of life just need creative thinking.

Stumbling Into Past and Present

Looking for something to photograph along a hidden trail in coastal Maine, I stumbled back to a past that was still present.

Show Me the Rust, and I’m There

Once shiny and new, and now rusted and old, these relics from the past hold me in their thrall.

It’s Useless to Resist These Relics. And Why Would You?

With a bit of exploring and imagination, you can uncover something of the history of these deco relics.

Time Traveling

Time travel right from your own iPad, your desktop or your car. Just get there when you can.

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