I spent six years writing 205,000 words. Looks like I'll be cutting half of them.

Location, Location, Location

When worlds collide in Texas, there's a novel (or ten) in it.

15 Things Learned From 1440 Miles of Texas In Six Days

There are miles and miles of Texas that include bugs, glamour, bison and treasures, to name just a few things.

Do Bad Things Always Come In Threes?

Here's evidence that good things come in threes, too.

That’s What I Like About Texas

When you get off the beaten path, Texas shows you its hidden treasures.

A Closed Door Is An Invitation

I won't let a closed door hinder me. I'll take aim for a photo opp instead.

Does Texas Have More Wildflowers Than Fences?

You can't beat wildflowers for a colorful pick-me-up on a dreary day.

What’s Not to Like About Texas?

Here's an ode to a state that's bigger than its appetites, in photographs.

Does Beer Make Others More Interesting?

Are fall Saturdays popular days for Americans to kick back with a cold one? Enjoy a few signs of the season and take a pop quiz.

All the Signs Pointed Me in One Direction

Sometimes you have to look to signs to see the sign you were meant to see.

There’s One Color That Makes Austin Outstanding in Spring

There's one color that consistently belongs to Austin in every season, and in spring, even more so.

A Monument to the Ghosts of Terlingua

In Terlingua, Texas, a tiny ghost town along the Mexico border, an historic cemetery serves as a monument to former miners felled by harsh working conditions.

Overcome by Tall Towers and Big Cranes

We'd honestly like to see more of the Tiniest Bar in Texas. It's just that these days, cranes and other towering structures are rapidly closing in on it. Makes it kinda tough to spot such a tiny bar. Hang on, Tiny Bar! Don't let the Tall Towers and Big Cranes bring you down! ♣ Related articles Tiniest... Continue Reading →

Terlingua Ghosts

There's a tiny speck of a town in Texas along the Mexico border that ensnares most visitors to nearby Big Bend National Park for at least an afternoon. Its curious origins, quasi-historic status and the dusty faded remnants of its former mining life under a brutal desert sun attract the odd hiker, the off-the-beaten path... Continue Reading →

How Can They Call It Health Camp?

How did a burger and shake shop on I-35 get the name Health Camp? We can only speculate. But we sure can enjoy.

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