Location, Location, Location

When worlds collide in Texas, there's a novel (or ten) in it.

The Next Best Thing To Time Travel

If only I could rev up my Time Machine for my historical fiction research. Instead, I made a few workarounds.

Creativity Works…When You Work It

If you're a creative type, you already know this. But who doesn't need this reminder, every now and then?

Ordinary Actions And Memorable Reactions

When every action yields a reaction, the choices become pretty important.

Not You. Rainy Days Don’t Get You Down.

Proving once again that creative people are unique, your poll results show what ducks you are.

Does Weather Influence Your Creativity?

Are the many moods of creativity affected by weather? Take a short survey about your own creative response.

What’s Everyone Got Against Adverbs?

Is your writing adverb-free? I hope not. Here's my case in favor of those lushly descriptive modifiers of verbs.

How to Create Just to Create

Just create to create: It sounds so easy! But what if you can't get in the flow? Here are seven tricks to inspire you.

How Collecting Art Is Also Collecting Stories—Yours

What does a photograph mean to me? To you? Photographs, like all art, elicit our emotions and our reactions, and the connections that we make with them. What touches me (because it has the value of my experience) may not be what moves the collector (you), who'll be living with the art every day. When... Continue Reading →

On Searching for Brilliance

A short tale of finding what I wasn't searching for, with a twist—of color.

Drawing Inspiration from Patterns

Looking at water for patterns, and finding them, or finding none at all, can be a source of inspiration and creativity.

Cursive in the Crosswinds This Week

Sometimes themes emerge and merge; this week, letters and cursive and sketching had the upper hand. Pick and choose from the stories in the crosswinds.

Pearls of Wisdom, in Cursive

One thing leads to another on a hunt for a lobster roll in Maine—where you can find pearls before lobster and study the lost art of cursive, too.

The True Meaning of the Art of Letters

Lettering Required: When you're devoted to type, college and career requirements can enable lifelong passions, especially to the art of letters.

The Delights and Perils of the Spanish Dagger

Timing is everything. One can acquire patience and prudence with a Spanish dagger in an Austin, Texas front yard, but will be rewarded with a stunning display of blooms.

A Pot of Gold On Top of the Badlands

The Badlands of South Dakota have drawn me in nearly every decade of my life, and even rewarded me for my loyalty.

A Monument to the Ghosts of Terlingua

In Terlingua, Texas, a tiny ghost town along the Mexico border, an historic cemetery serves as a monument to former miners felled by harsh working conditions.

On the Edge of Two Worlds

In Yucatán, there's a tiny Mexican town whose contemporary roots are never far from its Mayan past.

Inspiration by Graphic: It's all about you. Who you are is what you make, and what you make of it.

Where Inspiration Comes From

There's no need to make the creative process into a big mystery to outsiders, or even yourself. It all comes from your influences.

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