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Pairings go well in pairs.

About Pairings :: Art + What Goes With It

Pairings are quite common in life: wine & cheese, football & beer, yin & yang. Some pairings are less obvious. Pairings is a blog about pairing words and art with everything else.

About Jann Alexander: My habit of examining the details has informed my lifelong zeal for storytelling. As a photographer, designer, painter and creative professional with a passion for writing, I find my focus in seeing, exploring and recording life’s details—like imagining the lives of others in book, A Habit of Hiding, and the next novel I’m writing, or shooting the scenic gumbo that is my Vanishing Austin photography series, and painting and making prints in a series I call Lightscapes. Delving into the creative process and recording my travels back in time never fail to incite my imagination. Thinking big picture when I’m creating business communications exercises my marketing muscles. Creative collaboration is a key part of my process. And it all comes together here, where my art meets tech.

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  1. I accidentally sent you a message instead of leaving a comment (it’s Monday!), but I wanted to say how much I love your art. Beautiful photographs.

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  2. I love spending my time here and the vibrant and colourful photos always make me come back…craving for more. Every post speaks of your love and passion towards art and creativity, Jann. 🙂
    Thanks for visiting me and the follows. 🙂

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