Why Kill Two Birds With One Stone?

You can express yourself much more elegantly, and much less violently, with some alternatives to an antiquated idiom.

What You’re Most Expecting Doesn’t Happen Until You’re Least Expecting It

At this magical time of the year, it's what we least expect that delights us the most.

A Reminder of Who’s Gone, But Not Forgotten

Such an eloquent reminder of lives lost in lively Jackson Square: All lives matter.

I Blog. I Vote.

Get the info you need to cast your ballot in today's Midterm Elections with this handy voter tool.

Does Technology Always Point the Way?

While it may be possible to predict the future, it's much easier to predict the past–thanks to the 1964 World's Fair.

What’s On a Dog’s Bucket List?

What's on the bucket list for a very undemanding, but deliberate, dog? Squirrels.

How Creative Thinking Improves Quality of Life

Life's difficult issues are often the smallest, yet the most exasperating. Solutions to improve quality of life just need creative thinking.

The Best 2014 Buzz Words in a Fable of Our Times

Challenge to Self: Write a short story for our times, using the oddest additions to Webster’s this year, including words I had to look up.

What You’re Most Expecting Doesn’t Happen Until You’re Least Expecting It

I was so certain I'd have those cowgirl boots under the Christmas tree that year. After all, I'd wanted them really badly last year, I'd made that clear to Santa and my parents and whomever else might have been listening, and they hadn't appeared. So I'd been extra special good the whole next year, and... Continue Reading →

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