Making the Call: Go Big or Go Indie?

There are pros and cons to veering off the traditional path to self-publishing. Ask yourself five questions to decide.

RGB? CMYK? Funny You Should Ask

A frustrating bout with my inkjet printer led me to exploring the meaning of RGB and CMYK.

Top 5 Things a Writer Learns at a Publishing Conference

There are a few strategies for making the most of any conference you attend, including these five.

Overpowered and Overtowered?

Will the iconic Frost Tower find itself overtowered and overpowered one day by Austin's many taller buildings?

The Three Critical Blogging Chores You’ve Probably Ignored

There are three essential—and easy—chores necessary to maintain your blog's good health.

Capturing a Fish Frenzy

When things never stop moving, there's an iPhone app for that.

Eureka! I Found a Workaround for the Utterly Awful WordPress Reader

Don't suffer with the inadequate Reader a moment longer. Here's how to follow your favorites in Feedly.

What I Like About Photography

Take a walk and keep your iPhone handy, because there's always another picture around the bend.

Magic Made of Steel

Set your speed at 65 mph and take aim with your iPhone. Professional drivers only.

Summon the Power of the Blur

With just one tap of your finger, your iPhone photography takes focusing to the next level—near, or far.

Perfect for Fleeting Moments

Life is fleeting; for its most ephemeral moments, we have our iPhones.

Composition by the Rules

There are rules to be followed, and there are rules to learn and reject.

Surprise Someone on Wordless Wednesday . . .

Write a few words on Wordless Wednesday and surprise someone with a handwritten note—yours.

Try This One Weird Trick to Improve Your Friends’ Photography

With just one weird trick, you can improve the photographic skills of your friends.

The Unlikely Duo for Self-Expression

The two unlikeliest bedfellows are natural companions when it comes to self-expression.

Cheap Tricks with Pattern and Light

I really hate Venetian blinds. But they do make useful photographic props.

’Tis the Season to Twinkle

Our annual season of bounty is ripe with photo opps and apps to capture the sparkle.

A Town That Knows How to Get Lit

New Orleans turned on its Christmas light show, and I turned on my iPhone. So did others.

Using Your Imagination to See

When you let it, your iPhone will push you to use your imagination to see what your eyes cannot.

How to Make the Call: Color, or Black and White?

The ease with which we can choose color over black and white shouldn't determine our choice.

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