Location, Location, Location

When worlds collide in Texas, there's a novel (or ten) in it.

How To Celebrate The Holidays Like A Texan

Holiday greetings from Texas to all y'all. I'm anticipating some celebrating, aren't you?

Is This Any Way To Have Fun?

Who wouldn't have fun at Austin's Big Rock Candy Mountain? Here are the delights that await on the annual Weird Homes Tour.

Commentary on Cranes and Their Creations

Travel back to the future of Austin, Texas—when the cranes came to build condos.

Here's my look back to 2004, when I became smitten with Austin, and soon found it vanishing.

Boundaries Yet To Cross

Two photographs contrast boundaries that encourage with those that divide.

RGB? CMYK? Funny You Should Ask

A frustrating bout with my inkjet printer led me to exploring the meaning of RGB and CMYK.

Overpowered and Overtowered?

Will the iconic Frost Tower find itself overtowered and overpowered one day by Austin's many taller buildings?

Where Old Typewriters Go to Die

Why do writers have such a love-hate relationship with their writing devices?

Whitley’s Went. Then Came A Tower.

An 18-story tower arises from a humble print shop in downtown Austin.

Turning Silver at the Saxon

How does a beloved Austin music icon thrive for 25 years in a city on growth steroids?

A Fresh Sign of Spring

Behold the signs of fresh life—spring!—emerging in Austin front yards.

Back By Popular Demand

Backed by a new band, The Towering Cranes, Austin's most beloved icon appears daily on the shore of Lady Bird Lake.

Yes, Austin, Funk and Swank Can Coexist

Happy 175th birthday, Austin! As our boom times continue, here's an ode to peaceful coexistence straight out of a Johnny Cash song.

The Hippest Holiday Art Fair in Town

Find out why the Austin American-Statesman calls the Blue Genie Art Bazaar "simply the hippest holiday art fair in town."

Shopping Local With The Locals

There's more than mere fun and festivities involved when you shop local.

Why Your Next Stop Is The Last Stop

Austin's Blue Genie Art Bazaar might just be your last stop for holiday shopping.

When All of the Stars Align

What does it mean to a photographer when all of the stars align?

A Horse Named U

Which Austin, Texas landmark has this fantastic neon symbol of its name?

Shakespeare Slept Here (in Austin)

A little-known fact about Austin, Texas, is that Shakespeare spent his formative years here.

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