Eureka! I Found a Workaround for the Utterly Awful WordPress Reader

Don't suffer with the inadequate Reader a moment longer. Here's how to follow your favorites in Feedly.

A Letter from a Writer to Her Characters

A writer's characters progress through joy, pain and growth, just like we do. In the process, we all get close.

45 Quotes to Inspire You

No sense flailing around in a creative vacuum. You can't wait for inspiration—find some here.

What It’s Like

You may be possessed by your paints, or smitten with your characters, but life goes on.

Why Your First Novel Will Always Be Your Favorite

How, and why, does the first novel you wrote remain your favorite?

Top 10 Signs You Ought To Try Coworking

The worldwide pandemic of loneliness that afflicts so many freelancers and writers has a cure. Take this test.

Are There Any Advantages to Being Disorganized?

Sure there are. Here are three advantages to being disorganized, with a fourth possibility to consider.

Miles Upon Miles of Motel Doors

A road trip across the West in 1980 turned up lots of memorable motel doors, among many other finds.

It’s Useless to Resist These Relics. And Why Would You?

With a bit of exploring and imagination, you can uncover something of the history of these deco relics.

Collecting Eye Candy for Inspiration—and Fun

Collecting eye candy is a snap for most visual types. And it’s a harmless way to find inspiration for your own work.

Focus Only on What You Are Writing Now

Follow the 11 Commandments of Writing and Daily Creative Routine, according to Henry Miller, in 1932.

Even Clichés Can Be Works of Art

Where can you find little works of art? Look for them in the commonplace, and in the clichés, where they hide in plain sight.

Finding Art in Architecture

Art is everywhere, not just in museums, often in the architecture of well-preserved towns--where their sense of place honors their architectural past.

How to Talk to a Photographer Like She’s an Artist

Photographers, like painters, present their vision of what they see to the world. Like painters, they're artists. Talk with them about their art the same way.

How Can We Turn Distractions Into Focus?

The impulse to distraction will always be with us. But to find focus, we can look within, where our own best experts live.

Cursive in the Crosswinds This Week

Sometimes themes emerge and merge; this week, letters and cursive and sketching had the upper hand. Pick and choose from the stories in the crosswinds.

Pearls of Wisdom, in Cursive

One thing leads to another on a hunt for a lobster roll in Maine—where you can find pearls before lobster and study the lost art of cursive, too.

The True Meaning of the Art of Letters

Lettering Required: When you're devoted to type, college and career requirements can enable lifelong passions, especially to the art of letters.

Are Shelfies The New Selfies?

A shelfie seems like a generous way to share your library of ideas, instead of your silly selfie face. Shelfies also reveal how unique you think your intellect is, but they can show how deep is your soul.

There Is Nothing Fair About Fair Use

How can you respect the rights of image creators? Simple. Don't download their work without permission, and don't claim "fair use" if you do. Check out these royalty-free sources for free art instead.

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