Are You Captive to Clutter?

Here’s my recipe for getting a grip on your chaos-driven, clutter-filled life.

Lost and Found Treasures

How does discovery reward the disorganized mind? With bounty and sweetness.

Are There Any Advantages to Being Disorganized?

Sure there are. Here are three advantages to being disorganized, with a fourth possibility to consider.

Following the Signs

Signs can lead you in many directions. Follow a few of these to see where they lead you.

Unfolding in Luxury

Enjoy an image that unfolds in slow, sensual luxury, from my Naturescapes collection.

All On Board With Minimalism

What influences your photography style? Minimalism can require a minimalist treatment.

What’s Not to Like About Texas?

Here's an ode to a state that's bigger than its appetites, in photographs.

I Blog. I Vote.

Get the info you need to cast your ballot in today's Midterm Elections with this handy voter tool.

Shooting Waves of iPhone Photos

There's a little-known pro feature built into your iPhone camera that will increase your odds of capturing a great action shot.

Descent from the Pinnacles

The way down can be more difficult than the way up, especially in Big Bend.

Here’s a Secret About Photographs

What can we learn from photographs about the secrets they are hiding?

So Many Signs, So Little Time

Life gets a lot more interesting when you try to make sense of all of the signs.

So Simple, So Sweet, It Needs No Words

Just one simple, sweet photograph that necessarily speaks for itself.

How to Shoot a Texas-Size Panorama

When you encounter an interior that is as impressive as the Texas State Capitol's dome, you'll need to shoot like a Texan.

Does Technology Always Point the Way?

While it may be possible to predict the future, it's much easier to predict the past–thanks to the 1964 World's Fair.

Miles Upon Miles of Motel Doors

A road trip across the West in 1980 turned up lots of memorable motel doors, among many other finds.

Cast Shadows Never Let Me Down

Shadows from the most ubiquitous of window coverings, Venetian blinds, imprint themselves into my favorite photographs.

A Collection of Distortions

Does your preference for distorted reflections indicate something about your personality? Maybe.

A Collection of Reflections

Sometimes I prefer my reflections to be crystal clear, sometimes not. Today they're mirror images.

Seeing Black and White In Color

Compare an image in black and white with its color counterpart. How do your impressions differ?

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