Renewed Inspiration In An Artist’s Poem

Ain’t no sunshine today. It’s a dreary, dull, drab, gray day. A day that demands a wing and a prayer to find inspiration. A day for an Artist’s Poem, one I wrote and hand-lettered while under the influence of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, the Serenity Prayer, and yoga mantras.

I first published this poem ten years ago. The original that I hand-lettered occupies a spot on my bookshelf in its gold frame, as it has since 2006.  It had become part of the wallpaper until two days ago, when someone posted the poem on Instagram (kindly giving me credit). Seeing my poem shocked me into awareness. How had I overlooked this ode to my creative spirit?

And how grateful I was to find it had inspired someone else.

How does inspiration find you? What stokes your creative soul? I’d love to know in the comments.

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