Yes, America, You Have a Choice


Tuesday, November 8, 2016, is Election Day.

In case it’s escaped your attention, there’s an important election on Tuesday, November 8.


All About Voting in Texas

In Texas, Friday, November 4 is the final day for early voting. Everything you need to know about voting in Texas is HERE.


I Voted Early
I Voted Early

With the chance to finally elect our country’s first woman president, I voted early—I couldn’t wait to vote! But what if you’re not so certain about your choices? A New York Times opinion piece by Gail Collins, titled You Choose or You Lose, sums it up:


You Can Choose, Or You Can Lose
You Choose Or You Lose

You’re unsure? You must not have been reading any news, watching any TV, listening to any radio, or following any social media. So if you’re thinking of writing in the YouTube Keyboard Cat, you’re not really choosing. But still, that’s your choice.


I'm With Her
I’m With Her

I made my choice, whole-heartedly in support of my candidate. And ain’t it grand we Americans have a choice? I hope you make it to the polls to vote for your choice, too. 


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When I’m not voting, I’m writing:

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5 thoughts on “Yes, America, You Have a Choice

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  1. A tricky subject in these contentious times, but handled with your usual fine sense of decorum and grace. Thanks, Jann. It’s going to be a new world on November 9th.

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  2. We can only watch from a distance down under, but, frankly, we are amazed, Jann 😉 There is definitely an argument for our compulsory voting, for upper and lower houses, and the presidency is not an issue (but it may be one day, of course)

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  3. I also voted early and couldn’t wait to place my vote! For me, my choice was pretty obvious as I watch the two side by side and how they present themselves…I had to ask myself, which of these two would I like to represent our country? Well, she most definitely was my choice as well.

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