Get A Sneak Peek: A Habit Of Hiding

From the Texas Panhandle comes the story of two women at odds, each with a habit of hiding from hard truths, until tragedy forces them to unite as they face themselves—and what they stand for—in an unforgiving town.

Trains and Grain by Jann Alexander ©2015
Panhandle Trains and Grain by Jann Alexander ©2015

A sudden widow. A single mother. Each one suspicious of the other, and each one with a habit of hiding from hard truths until a brutal accident (or was it?) forces them to unite against an unforgiving town, battling dire legal consequences for a neglected teen.

A Habit of Hiding is “tender and engaging”

M. Rachel Branwen, Editor, Slush Pile Magazine and Senior Reader, Harvard Review, says this about my upcoming novel, A Habit Of Hiding:

“In A Habit Of Hiding, Alexander paints an intimate portrait of two very different women making their way towards self-realization and fulfillment in small town Texas. Her writing is tender and engaging; her characters dimensional and human, with desires and failings that are thoroughly relatable. A satisfying—if at moments heart-wrenching—read that drops us off somewhere completely different than where it picked us up.”

Get a sneak peek, and let me know what you have to say.

Jann Alexander's A Habit of Hiding_Book Cover

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