2015 Measured By What You Liked Best

You voted with your eyeballs for your favorite Pairings this year (Thank You!), and your eyes revealed that my posts about the creative process were tops.

The most Popular Pairings were in three categories, Art + Writing, Art + Creativity and Art + Photo (especially iPhoneography). I learned something about you, too:

1. You beat yourself up, wondering, “What if it’s no good?” This wacky, yet false, fear is your (our) creative nightmare, but it suffers a takedown in How Do You Start What You’re Afraid To? Read more …

Flannery O'Connor Quote
Flannery O’Connor Quote designed by Jann Alexander ©2013

2. You sit on your butt and curse a lot. Judging from your reactions to P. G. Wodehouse’s statement, “I just sit at a typewriter and curse a bit,” many of you found commonality in the famous writers’ quotes I shared in Where Old Typewriters Go to Die. Read more

iType iPhoneography © 2105 by Jann Alexander
iTypewriter iPhoneography © 2105 by Jann Alexander

3. You prefer your wisdom to be short and sweet: The four-word mantra—Create First. React Later—that spurred me on to complete a long-overdue novel, is explained in How Four Words Got Me Back On The Writing Track. Read more …

Create First Quote designed by Jann Alexander ©2015
Create First Quote designed by Jann Alexander ©2015

4. Your friends are shitty photographers. So are mine. When I hand my iPhone to a friend to photograph me, I ensure her transformation into a world-class portrait artist by using this one weird trick. Seriously: Try This One Weird Trick To Improve Your Friends’ Photography. Read more

One Weird Trick ©2015
One Weird Trick ©2015

5. You occasionally neglect your creative soul. (But don’t we all?) That must be why you accepted the sustenance we creative spirits thrive on, offered in Prescription For A Creative Funk. Read more

Sustenance for the Creative Spirit by Jann Alexander ©2015
Sustenance for the Creative Spirit by Jann Alexander ©2015

6. You’re slackers. Have you ignored the three essential—and easy—chores necessary to maintain your blog’s good health? You’re not alone. But if a queasy feeling is overtaking you,  undertake The Three Critical Blogging Chores You’ve Probably Ignored. Read more

Export WordPress Site Content
Exporting WordPress Site Content: Have you?

7. You’re suckers for the lost art of letter-writing. When I neared the finish-line for my novel, and wrote a letter to my characters on their progress through joy, pain and growth, we all got close—and you enjoyed reading A Letter from a Writer to Her Characters. Read more

Escape from Hell's Half-Acre by Jann Alexander ©1980
Escape from Hell’s Half-Acre by Jann Alexander ©1980

8. We can’t resist a road trip. You, like me, know that there are discoveries to be made in what seems most mundane; that what’s on the way there is what stirs our creative pots; and the journey is where we find our inspiration. Or so you commented in Inspired By What’s On The Way. Read more

Train at Sunset by Jann Alexander ©2015
The Passing Train at Sunset by Jann Alexander ©2015

Thanks for joining me on the journey—it’s been full of surprises and fun. Until we meet again next year, may your creative pot overflow. 

Got a favorite Pairing I haven’t mentioned? Do tell!

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