The Intricacies of Entanglement

Tangled Web by Jann Alexander ©2015
Tangled Web by Jann Alexander ©2015

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave / When first we practise to deceive!”

Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, 1808

The intricacies of deception begin as secrets, often innocently held captive for self-protection, but eventually they entangle all those who don’t know their origin.

It’s a subject I’m exploring in my work in progress, A Habit of Hiding, a realistic fiction novel where the main characters are hiding something or hiding from someone, even from themselves, in an intricate dance that has unintended consequences—as secret-keeping often does.

Hiding: An intricate dance with unintended consequences wrought by secret-keeping.  Tweet:

In the process, the characters entangle and endanger one another, with results that range from tragedy that cannot be undone to challenges that must be surmounted. And in the process, everyone, including the author, grows and changes.

Even the wolf spider weaves its web with secretive intent, yet deviates from human nature with its single-minded purpose: entanglement. What else can you conclude from its intricate, nearly invisible, pattern? ♣

Jann Alexander's A Habit of Hiding_Book Cover

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Is there something you’re hiding without deliberate intent?

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    1. Thank you very much. I can’t imagine being finished writing it . . . as I love the process so much. Luckily, I have another one in mind . . . HaHa like all creatives, always looking on to the next great thing!


  1. I first heard that “Oh what a tangled web…” poem on Andy Griffith and as a kid and have never forgotten it! Your book sounds enticing! Great pic. Glad it’s only pic though.

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    1. That Andy sure was a literate man in hiding, wasn’t he? When I was sourcing it for my article, I was surprised to learn it was Walter Scott’s–always thought it was Shakespeare’s. Thanks for your encouragment, Anita.


    1. What a great insight. So true. Glad you reminded me to think it through like you do, and I appreciate your response. BTW it’s a wolf spider, and he’s every bit as huge as he seems. You may have heard that everything is bigger in Texas.


  2. The intricacies of entanglement and deception – I love the phrasing, so mysterious and full of secrets. For some reason, I just thought of Bernard Shaw, who chose to cover the subject humorously in his play “Charley’s Aunt”. The photo of the spider is haunting and beautiful at the same time.

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  3. I met a wolf spider once, when we were living in the rectory in Sewanee. The master bedroom had a ‘fireplace,’ which was really a coal grate. There was a lump of coal in the grate that started to move. Gave up its secret hiding place… and made me scream.


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