Surprise Someone on Wordless Wednesday . . .

. . . with your words. Pull out your favorite pen, and write a note. Let this picture show you the way on Wordless Wednesday:

Surprise Someone | iPhoneography © 2105 by Jann Alexander
Surprise Someone | iPhoneography © 2105 by Jann Alexander

It’s not easy to go wordless on Wednesdays. But I can limit my words with some well-chosen photographs. Read more of my words from Wordless Wednesdays past HERE. My iPhone 5s photograph was edited with several of my favorite iPad apps, including Afterlight and Photo Toaster, plus Adobe Lightroom on my iMac. Find more iPhoneography posts HERE.

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  1. I used to be so good at sending mail! I’ve got a ton of cards hanging around…a pack of them in my bag that I carry around every day…but I forget to send them. I’ve even gone so far as to address and stamp…and then they never make it out of my bag. *sigh* Putting it on tonight’s to-do list 😉

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    1. I hear you! It helps me to think of it as something fun, something to anticipate, and as a way to stretch my fingers other than tap tap tapping keys all day . . . and to make it better, I use my favorite cartridge pen, my Waterman. So glad you visited and commented. Here’s to handwriting . . . as beautifully as we can, every now and then.


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