Ice Panic in Austin

Ice Storm by Jann Alexander ©2015
Ice Storm by Jann Alexander ©2015

The town’s in a panic since an ice storm is on the way. (Mob the grocery stores! Load up on milk and bread!)

Maybe. Texas weather is notoriously famous for not delivering on the predictions. But drivers’ concerns are well-founded: Attempting the steep Hill Country roads that Austin suburbs have encompassed is dangerous business when icy. And forget about the infamous TXDOT flyovers. They ice over even when it’s merely raining.

Icy Leaf by Jann Alexander © 2006
Icy Leaf by Jann Alexander © 2007

Nonetheless. What could be more appealing to an Austin photographer who only sees snow when she heads out West to ski in it . . . than nature encased in ice? The last time this opportunity arose for me was 2007. I took full advantage of it, right in my own front yard. No skidding necessary. 

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  1. Ice – we get that in D.C. quite a bit, and there’s just no driving on it, even if you’re skilled driving in snow. So treacherous, but so beautiful, as your wonderful photos clearly illustrate! Should you end up getting the storm, I’m looking forward to seeing some more pictures from your front yard 😀 Stay warm and safe!

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    1. That’s my frame of reference, Stacy, I grew up in Potomac and spent my adult years in North Arlington, til I got here a decade ago. So you know just what I mean about the bread and milk riots, don’t you? Thanks for the compliments. You just had a nasty storm too, I think. They’re a great time for a fire, a good book and a glass of wine.


      1. Well, how interesting is that, Jann! I’ve always lived in northern states (I do love the change of seasons), but DC is the most “southern” one at this point, home since 1980. And the bread and milk riots (along with t.p.) always make me laugh 😀

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    1. You’ve found me out, Allan. I’m actually basking in Caribbean sunshine now, having discovered this giant sea anemone on a dive trip earlier today. It looked so much like iced-over Austin grasses in 30-degree temps that I posted from the beach about the storm expected on Saturday. Keen eye you have!


      1. It must be from all that time I spent growing up in South Florida. I still haven’t fully recovered from the dehydration due to sweat-loss.

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