Miles Upon Miles of Motel Doors

Miles of Motel Doors, 1980 by Jann Alexander © 2014
Miles of Motel Doors, 1980 by Jann Alexander © 2014

In 1980, as we made our way across the west in a Honda hatchback, photographing the small cast-off towns, we were confronted by one critical  decision daily: Where to spend the night. Motels that made for good photographs didn’t necessarily make for places we’d want to stay. We knew that without even doing a mattress check. But they were irresistible subjects, and perhaps the most memorable of them all to me is this motel with two red doors, backed by brooding Western clouds that augured a Big Sky-size storm was on the way. 

You’re the book’s publicist. How will you get William Least Heat Moon to provide a cover blurb?

My print ‘Miles of Motel Doors’ is featured here from the cover art for my  forthcoming photo book about that journey, Across the West in 1980. Get in touch HERE to buy a custom print, from $45. Find more prints like this in my Time Travels series, HERE.

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        1. Maine! Have just been looking through my take from my July trip to coastal Maine, about an hour from Portland. Where are you located? I hear from a friend inland that the weather is a bit defeating there now.


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