Landmarks We Have Loved and Lost

Heartbroken Music by Jann Alexander ©2013
Heartbroken Music by Jann Alexander ©2013

We’ve lost many of  our cherished Austin, Texas landmarks, but they remain forever memorialized in the Vanishing Austin photography series. Pull out the kleenex, turn up the volume and settle back with Simple Minds to take in the show of our lost (but not forgotten) Austin landmarks. Click any image to start a slide show, and click play to hear Don’t You (Forget About Me).

Lest you get too teary-eyed, Austin survivors abound, and they’re featured here: We Are The Champions.

Yes, Austin, we’ve lost many of our icons. But if there is a silver lining to all of our upscale urban development, it’s that many of our beloved touchstones, and their signs, still thrive. Dry your eyes and take a look at them all here: We Are The Champions! 

Which Austin landmark do you miss the most?

Endangered Species of Austin, poster by Jann Alexander © 2009
Endangered Species of Austin poster

About my Vanishing Austin series: While many Austin landmarks are lost, many are survivors still. Admire them all in a slideshow, HERE. Prints start at $35.

You can marvel at what’s lost and what’s survived in my Endangered Species of Austin poster, featuring 16 Austin icons, and sized at a handsomely large 24 x 36,” available for $25, HERE.

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12 thoughts on “Landmarks We Have Loved and Lost

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  1. Great shots of gorgeous signs! I keep saying that I’m gonna spend a day taking photos of all my favorite signs up here near Fort Worth. I returned from a trip last year only to discover that one of my favorite retro motel marquees had been demolished – so sad!

    aka @TuiSnider, popping by from #ArchiveDay on Twitter!


    1. I was just at the Fairgrounds last weekend for the Cotton Bowl, and wished I’d had some time for Vanishing Dallas. I can only imagine Fort Worth takes the cake–get that camera handy! The iPhone always works in a pinch. Thanks, Tui.


  2. I’ve only been to Austin once for a teaching conference that took place there. I would LOVE to go back today and see so much more. My group didn’t want to do much other than shop, but not me. It was also Mardi Gras when I was there too and looked like so much fun, but not when you’re with people who go to bed at 9:30 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s plenty of fun to be had in the wee early morning hours in Austin, too, if you roll (out) that way — which I don’t, usually. But I hope you get back. Shopping (local, of course) is great in Austin, but even better is the people-watching, sky-gazing, funky clever architecture, the unique mix of arts and eats and culture and drinks, and the mingling of the new urban hipsters with the old-timer keepin’ it weird hippies and the occasional real Texas rancher in boots and hat.


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