Count the Condos and the Cranes

Counting Cranes by Kayak by Jann Alexander ©2014
Counting Cranes by Kayak by Jann Alexander ©2014

“Mayor Wynn has set a goal of having 25,000 downtown residents — that’s 20,000 more people — by 2015.”

CHRIS RILEY, in June 2006, then-attorney on the city’s Planning Commission and the Downtown Commission, quoted in the 6/23/2006 edition of the  Austin Chronicle

Condos and Cranes by Jann Alexander ©2014
Condos and Cranes by Jann Alexander ©2014

One year shy of Wynn’s 2015 goal, the city today hosts a downtown residential population of about 10,000. (Sources: and Downtown Austin Alliance)

Paddle the Lady Bird Lake shoreline this weekend, enjoy a glorious view, count the towers and the cranes that will represent new towers to come, and new people to come, and try to conjure the density necessary to realize former Mayor Will Wynn’s vision of 25,000 downtown Austin residents by next summer. 

Missing the old Austin? 

Here are 99+ Austin gems I’ve photographed since 2004.

Endangered Species of Austin, poster by Jann Alexander © 2009
Endangered Species of Austin poster

About my Vanishing Austin series: While many Austin landmarks are lost, many are survivors still. Admire them all in a slideshow, HERE. Prints start at $35.

You can marvel at what’s lost and what’s survived in my Endangered Species of Austin poster, featuring 16 Austin icons, and sized at a handsomely large 24 x 36,” available for $25, HERE.

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  1. Is the economy of such state to support that many people? I hope your mayor is as interested in supporting and preserving the historic charm – it is always the heart of a city and what makes it truly attractive to people.
    I just visited your Vanishing Austin page – the shots are beautiful and I sincerely hope they don’t become a record of “what was”.

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    1. You’ve nailed it, Maya, with the support of our historic charm–that’s what’s lacking in our new anything-goes urbanism push. Our new Austin projects are daring and very cool, but lack the originality and “weird” character of our local color–all small businesses, who are eventually forced out by The Big New.
      Thanks for taking the time with my Vanishing Austin images, and for your insights.

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    1. And here in Austin, we thought all of the annoying neighbors were coming from California. Now it turns out we have Seattle to blame as well. But who am I to talk? I came here from the DC area (10 years back). Hopefully I am not annoying. 😉 Thanks for your humorous observation.

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      1. Actually, Austin is a bit like Portland and Seattle…a little weird. It has the rolling foothills, the tech crowd, hipsters, and live music. Yet, lacks the constant gray skies one must endure here. My wife and I loved our stay there a few years back. I even was thinking of relocating my family and business there.

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        1. My husband, who travels frequently to Portland and Seattle on biz, observes the same thing. I’ve never visited either, because I have feared I might contemplate suicide due to your weather. If you relo to Austin, you’ll enjoy the many similarities, and our 100+ degree summers with very little rain, plus the great hiking and lakes and bats your blog indicates you’re fond of. Take the plunge! Be one of the 158 people moving to Austin DAILY!


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