How Collecting Art Is Also Collecting Stories—Yours

Maine Pattern by Jann Alexander ©2013
Maine Pattern by Jann Alexander ©2013

What does a photograph mean to me? To you?

Photographs, like all art, elicit our emotions and our reactions, and the connections that we make with them.

What touches me (because it has the value of my experience) may not be what moves the collector (you), who’ll be living with the art every day. When I’m asked to share my feelings about my art, I’m very happy to be asked. And I’m very happy to share with you the story of what’s behind it, what it means (to me), and why I chose to photograph, and then print, this one image above all others.

All art tells a story, to be sure. But collecting art—making a connection with the artist whose work you’re drawn to—makes a story, too, and it’s one you, as a collector, are an integral part of.

“In choosing what art to collect, what resonates with you will make the best choice for you. And make the best story, too.”

Tweet: Collecting art? What resonates with you will make the best choice, and story, for you. #collecting #fineart

You (dear potential collector of my work), will want to choose the print that most resonates with you—on whatever level that might be. I hope that what I’ve told you about my feelings for the work increases the resonance for you just a notch. But ultimately, what resonates with you will make the best choice for you.

After all, you are making the decision to buy, and live with, a piece of art that most speaks to you. And with that choice, you’ve made both of us part of your story.

I hope you’ll retain the story we made together, along with the art, as a long, happy memory. ♣

Have you got a great story about a piece of art you’ve collected?

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  1. I’m always interested in what spurs a collector to purchase art-to-live-with, as opposed to ‘invest in’. As you point out, the personal connection is often unfathomable (You can’t dredge their memories, after all.) Nevertheless the stories they tell (it reminds me of . . .) can be enormously enlightening.

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