The Naturescapes Shop Is Open for Art Collectors

Lightscapes_Unfolding by Jann Alexander ©2013
Unfolding by Jann Alexander ©2013

Just like a plant that’s spreading its fan of color, my Naturescapes Shop is unfolding today—making its debut with prints of flora and fauna that have appeared here at Pairings, along with some new surprises, too.

It’s easy to jump in if you’ve always wanted to collect prints, or to add more photos to your collection if you’ve already developed an art habit, since my custom made, signed, archival prints start at $45. As Mother Nature’s been unfurling her bounty for awhile now, and I’ve been photographing it right along with her, you can shop here today, and visit again soon to see what else pops up.

Head this way to the Naturescapes Shop.

The Naturescapes Shop
Visit The Naturescapes Shop



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      1. Jann, I shoot whatever catches my eye. If I can show a subject’s own unique personality and beauty, whether that be flora, fauna, people, landscape or man-made objects, I am happy. I guess I just try to capture the essence or soul of anything which provokes thought or emotion in me, so I can hopefully pass that on to others! I myself cannot imagine just being a “Landscape Photographer”or “Portrait Photographer”as it’s a big world out there and my thought is why limit one’s self to the artistic expression of just one aspect of life.


    1. What a great question, Maureen. I’m always drawn to things from the past, but more than that, to light with shadows and to details. I want to make the world’s ugliest things look special with the help of beautiful light. Thanks for asking.


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