Where Inspiration Comes From

Creativity and Sources by Jann Alexander © 2014

Inspiration comes from many places. No use pretending it all comes out of our heads with no other stimulation, or making the creative process into a big mystery to outsiders. In the Give Credit Where Credit Is Due department, here are some of my recent influences, which are helping me progress my art, my novel and my writing about creativity:

Learning New Tricks (Inspiration for sharing my work):  Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. By reading this, I’ve learned to share more.

Sketching (Item 4 from Ten Ways to Cultivate a Creative Mind): Pick up a pencil and draw. I did. In my little black sketchbook. The pleasure of sketching is immeasurable, especially when you know it’s your own private sketchbook, no sharing required. Conversely, there’s a freedom in that privacy for the artist or writer.

Tweet: Why make the creative process into a mystery? It all comes from our influences. http://ctt.ec/68KFk+ #creativityWhy make the creative process into a mystery? It all comes from our influences.

Reading (that’s how a writer becomes a better one): Flannery O’Connor. Since learning her art informed her writing, and vice versa, I’ve begun my journey at Flannery O’Connor University (continuing education). On my syllabus:

Writing on a new platform for MediumThere’s a joy of discovery within Medium’s Collections, and the focus on just the writing there (without formatting and template distractions) is cleansing.  Submitting my work to curators of the collections encourages me to polish the work. 

What’s been influencing and inspiring you lately?

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  1. Winter has been inspiring me but now turning to spring. It’s been a long, hard winter -40 degrees C (which is same as -40 degrees F) on a few days. Just dangerously cold.

    We did some mountain snow resort trips this winter which provided more inspiration.
    But most interestingly, I am inspired by our city’s effort to become more liveable, walkable, etc. …which stokes up memories of where I’ve lived in Canada. (Yea, there will be a blog post about this). Something that has been sitting with me for a long time.


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